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Men, Take Back “Underwear”

Dear Reader,

Men have started to call their underwear underpants. Yes… underpants. What little girls wear after they grow out of toddler ruffled panties. I blame the sitcom writers. They play with guys’ vocabularies when they know they’re (the guys are) focused on the babe-with-the-big-bosoms character. “Look at yeewwww,” the spunky actor says to the woman character. (Attention shifts to woman) “Hey, Don, whatcha mean you don’t know what size underpants you wear?” or “I mean, how do you expect me to act tough after I’ve sprung the elastic in my underpants?” or “It’s a shame my underpants don’t come in chartreuse or periwinkle.” Like, come on…

In my day, no man said underpants, and few women did either. They said underwear, undies, or grundles, but never underpants. To do so would be the same as saying “pregnant” when the required term was “expecting,” “puke” in place of “throw up,” or “butt” for “seat.” It wasn’t done. And it shouldn’t be done now.

So men, I beg you to pull on your big boy unmentionables and take back your vocabulary. Teach little boys the right way. Please. Do this so I don’t have to.


A Piece of Paris in Louisville

Dear Reader,

Seated in A Grande Finale Patisserie it’s easy to imagine you’re writing in a Paris café. Inspired by white tablecloths and walls, single flowers in simple vases, casement windows and chocolate art, you’re a French novelist, an expat poet. You write with historic depth, your prose scented by Edith Piaf’s memory. Coffee compliments chocolate torte; chocolate torte compliments coffee….

Content. You are on the corner of Pine and Main, Louisville, CO, a short distance to travel so far away.

641 Main St. Louisville, CO

641 Main St. Louisville, CO

Keep Those Forza Emails and Posts Coming

Dear Reader,

As promised, I have some more Forza praises for you to read. Please enjoy.

Dear Faye, another enjoyable evening. Great poems, especially loved yours about the mid-western landscape, and the rolls. Unforgettable. Colette Anderson Gill, author of Silk & Sting

Faye, Give a message to the Forza folks from someone absent but enthusiastic to come, a coffee-house-office squatter to boot: Enjoy the good rep given from a ‘coworker’ from café-offices past. Grey Gorman (Note: Grey and I met at a coffee shop where we both spent our days writing.)

Hi Faye, It’s wonderful to have so vibrant and fun a poetry event out here in the northwest suburbs. I’ve been impressed with both Third Thursdays I’ve attended. Last night’s was especially memorable among the many poetry readings I’ve enjoyed over the past six years. I didn’t get to talk to Vicki (Mandell-King) afterward, so please pass on my “WOW” to her. You and the other readers did a great job, too. I was touched by how good and poised the young poets were, and I hope they will return. Looking forward to next time! Dee Casalaina

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely evening on Thursday. So much fun! Frances Padilla

Faye, Third Thursday WOW!! This is a very cool event you’ve got going on. I’ve been to some boring, awful, droning, stuffy readings – Your event was exciting and interesting and full of life. It was a performance! THANK YOU for including me. I had the most fun reading again. I haven’t performed in a long time and it was a thrill. Thank you. Debra Shirley, author of Best Friend on Wheels

If your post isn’t here, please write soon.

Independent Coffee Thinkers Respond

Dear Reader,

Yee-ha! I’ve received great response to my call for posted support for Forza Coffee Company; I expect this to be just the beginning. Thanks…. Some folks chose to send their comments via e-mail. A few are posted here. You’ll soon see the rest. 


Greetings from the high mountain lair of the ol’ Fark’. You inquired of my experience at Forza?…A poetry reading at a coffee house me thinks (hmmm?):  dimly lit and reeking of ciggies; darkly clad, obtuse, aloof and questionably bathed bohemians snapping their fingers in distracted unenthusiastic approval……What an eye opener, did I really experience! Classy, wood paneled and artistically lit; fire place and cushy overstuffs, a professional sound system and of course-Harold; raconteur, roadie, and old rhyming buddy of Barry McGuire. Not a destructive scene at all (sorry, 60’s humor sneaking in). And can that, Phil, ever mix a mean hot chocolate (for us non-coffee folk). Third Thursday cannot come soon enough. Sgraffitist Lefty Farkelberry

 Faye——-After only two times of reading some of the stuff I’ve written I agree with you. It’s (Forza) a wonderful place with a great atmosphere. I hope to continue participating for a long time. We (my wife and I) had known about Forza’s for a few months because one of our grandsons (Theo) worked there for a short time as did a former girl friend of another grandson.  We’ve enjoyed coffee and snacks several times. Also, a good friend (Frank Gregg) plays (guitar) there on a sort of semi-regular basis and we enjoy hearing his original material and wonderful playing and singing. Plus, after Hearing Harold read last Thursday night, perhaps he could be advised that it might be OK to quit his day job. His song-poem was great and his reading was excellent. So, Faye, thanks to Harold and John from me and my lovely wife of 49 years and thanks to you for putting this venue and its opportunities for exhibitionist tendencies together. It’s been a neat experience. Another point of agreement; Vicki was indeed outstanding. Thanks for bringing her. Finally, our daughter and her husband and their son, nine-year-old Zeke, also enjoyed the evening and I think that sometime in the not too distant future, we will be hearing from Zeke. Till next time, thanks again. Chuck Bond 

Dear Faye, Harold and John, Thank you for bringing poetry to the ‘burbs!  It is wonderful to have this little haven of comfort and creativity right here in our neighborhood.  Thank you so much!  I missed the poetry reading in October (we were just returning from a trip) but I do not want to miss another–it’s just a great evening of fellowship, inspiration and delicious drinks!  Many, many thanks. Sue Henderson

 Hi Faye, I read your blog. Forza sounds like my kind of place. The next time I’m in Denver, I certainly will make it a point to go there for a relaxing afternoon. Of course living nearly 800 miles away, I won’t make it often. I keep thinking I should join CIPA, though and fly down for at least 3 or 4 meetings a year. The economy is going to have to right itself first, though, I’m afraid, or I’ll be at staying at home with my nose to the proverbial grindstone, which in my case is a MacIntosh computer. J Muirhead Hill – Raven Publishing

 Readers, this just goes to show independent coffee thinkers think.  

Forza Welcomes Writers

Dear Reader,

I’m writing in Forza Coffee Company in Westminster, CO, my office away from the office, a writers-welcome space, the setting for Denver Post  reporter Kristen Browning-Blas’ column entitled  “Poets bring bohemia to the ‘burbs.”

It’s comfortable here, which means I’ll occupy my table for hours, and that will please the owners because they intend Forza’s atmosphere — crafted from rich woods and varied seating areas, fireplace and fine service, ceramic tile and muted echoes, the aroma of good coffee — to reflect their stay-as-long-as-you-like attitude toward their patrons.

I’m impressed by the way Forza baristas and owners tend to business. They frequently check in with their customers, concoct one-of-a-kind drinks, or conduct experiments (to develop new drinks). On Third Thursday Poetry Open Mic nights, the owners are also greeters, stagehands, and/or performers.

The inaugural Third Thursday featured poet, Carolyn Jennings, also appreciates Forza. She says,

Faye and Harold, thank you  for setting up another fine evening of celebration, poetry and community at Forza. It was again such a joy to get to read, to hear the wide variety of readers and to gather in goodwill in such a lovely setting. I LOVE the readings YOU and Forza have given our community. Big HUZZAH!

Forza is an independently owned coffee shop, which means it relies on a community of independent coffee drinkers (not corporate) to keep it going, to tell everyone how great it is, to go there when they can.

So, would you please show your support for Forza — a writers haven — and post your thoughts about it here? I’ll forward your message to Harold and John. Would you also make a point to go to this shop to purchase your next hot or cold drink, or to meet with business associates or friends. And … it would be great if you forwarded this link to other independent coffee drinkers and writers!

Ciao for now!

Forza Coffee Company

Forza Coffee Company