Independent Coffee Thinkers Respond

Dear Reader,

Yee-ha! I’ve received great response to my call for posted support for Forza Coffee Company; I expect this to be just the beginning. Thanks…. Some folks chose to send their comments via e-mail. A few are posted here. You’ll soon see the rest. 


Greetings from the high mountain lair of the ol’ Fark’. You inquired of my experience at Forza?…A poetry reading at a coffee house me thinks (hmmm?):  dimly lit and reeking of ciggies; darkly clad, obtuse, aloof and questionably bathed bohemians snapping their fingers in distracted unenthusiastic approval……What an eye opener, did I really experience! Classy, wood paneled and artistically lit; fire place and cushy overstuffs, a professional sound system and of course-Harold; raconteur, roadie, and old rhyming buddy of Barry McGuire. Not a destructive scene at all (sorry, 60’s humor sneaking in). And can that, Phil, ever mix a mean hot chocolate (for us non-coffee folk). Third Thursday cannot come soon enough. Sgraffitist Lefty Farkelberry

 Faye——-After only two times of reading some of the stuff I’ve written I agree with you. It’s (Forza) a wonderful place with a great atmosphere. I hope to continue participating for a long time. We (my wife and I) had known about Forza’s for a few months because one of our grandsons (Theo) worked there for a short time as did a former girl friend of another grandson.  We’ve enjoyed coffee and snacks several times. Also, a good friend (Frank Gregg) plays (guitar) there on a sort of semi-regular basis and we enjoy hearing his original material and wonderful playing and singing. Plus, after Hearing Harold read last Thursday night, perhaps he could be advised that it might be OK to quit his day job. His song-poem was great and his reading was excellent. So, Faye, thanks to Harold and John from me and my lovely wife of 49 years and thanks to you for putting this venue and its opportunities for exhibitionist tendencies together. It’s been a neat experience. Another point of agreement; Vicki was indeed outstanding. Thanks for bringing her. Finally, our daughter and her husband and their son, nine-year-old Zeke, also enjoyed the evening and I think that sometime in the not too distant future, we will be hearing from Zeke. Till next time, thanks again. Chuck Bond 

Dear Faye, Harold and John, Thank you for bringing poetry to the ‘burbs!  It is wonderful to have this little haven of comfort and creativity right here in our neighborhood.  Thank you so much!  I missed the poetry reading in October (we were just returning from a trip) but I do not want to miss another–it’s just a great evening of fellowship, inspiration and delicious drinks!  Many, many thanks. Sue Henderson

 Hi Faye, I read your blog. Forza sounds like my kind of place. The next time I’m in Denver, I certainly will make it a point to go there for a relaxing afternoon. Of course living nearly 800 miles away, I won’t make it often. I keep thinking I should join CIPA, though and fly down for at least 3 or 4 meetings a year. The economy is going to have to right itself first, though, I’m afraid, or I’ll be at staying at home with my nose to the proverbial grindstone, which in my case is a MacIntosh computer. J Muirhead Hill – Raven Publishing

 Readers, this just goes to show independent coffee thinkers think.  

2 Responses to “Independent Coffee Thinkers Respond”

  1. 1 Anita Jepson-Gilbert 10/29/2008 at 3:28 am

    Many thanks to John and Harold for sharing your elegant space with vagabond poets in need of a homebase. We appreciate your hospitality and hope you don’t tire of our overabundance of words on the third Thursday of each month.
    May the Forza be with you.
    Anita Jepson-Gilbert
    Italian poet and author

  2. 2 Jennifer Jane Watts 11/17/2008 at 1:44 am

    Dear Faye and Generous Forza owners!

    Westminster, CO (suberbia) isn’t the kind of town you would expect poets and artists to be flocking to; but thanks to your openess to receive many facets of the creative community and the willingness to hold benefits for humanitary causes, you have put this town on the artistic atmosphere map. Thank you!
    May God bless your establishment and may it reign as a host for many “coloring outside the line” thinkers for years to come – Linked
    Random Thought: when I was in first grade my teacher, Miss Krudo (her real name) took one crayon away from me everyday because I wouldn’t stop coloring during math.
    Moral: Never give up even if they take away your crayons, writing utensils,lap tops or pocketknives!
    Open mike Thursday nights(organized by Faye) are so thrilling to just “drink-in”(preferably espresso) or be a participant in. The collaboration of published guest speakers; novice to professional poets, as well as, readers who want to share “out-loud” their favorite poet’s poems, allows for a diverse release of written expression! It was an honor to do my first ever reading at your establishment! Your frozen spumoni drink (cherries, chocolate, espresso with a nut flavor!) Mahhh – Mahhh, Belizima!


    Jennifer Jane Watts

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