Will THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES Movie Reflect the Novel?

Dear Reader,

One of my favorite novels is The Secret Life of Bees. Why? Because author Sue Monk Kidd’s writing led me to believe narrator Lilly Owens was a real 14-year-old girl with real 14-year-girls’ perceptions and problems. She never let on that an adult wrote the story, which means she’s a good writer and trained actress. (I don’t know if she has any acting experience, but her writing makes me want to think she does.) I also liked the book because it read like a ballet, with its dances performed by the queen bee and her corps, the corps and beekeepers, and the beekeepers and Lilly.

Today I’m going to the film adaptation of the book, and I wonder if I’ll like it. I know Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah will impress me, ’cause they always do, but I don’t know if the depth of Kidd’s storytelling will show through costumes and sets and musical score. I hope it will. I’ll let you know, okay?


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