What’s On This Editor’s Desk?

Dear Reader,

Professional organizers say a messy desk equals a messy mind. Well, I wonder what the mess of tidy items I have on my desk today says about my mind? My desktop holds:

· Kissing Doorknobs, (1998), a Young Adult book by Terry Spencer Hesser.

· A postcard of a black and white photo of a yawning Abyssinian cat sitting on a bookshelf. Found this in a book I was shelving for the Friends of Westminster Library Used Book Shop, where I volunteer and find lots of cool books.

· SCBWI 2008 Publication Guide to Writing & Illustrating for Children.

· Transcending Grief – A Journal of Love and Healing, (2001), written by Sylvia Browne and Nancy Dufresne. It’s a guided journal for people who are grieving. Note to self: study how they’ve set up the journal. Is it easy to write on its high gloss pages? Will ink easily smear?

· I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul Through Rock ’n’ Roll (Nov.11, 2008). A spiritual memoir that’s waiting for me to post an Amazon.com review about it.

· Course booklet, How to Sell on Amazon.com, by Judy Murdoch and Mary Walewski.

· Third Thursday Poetry Open Mic signup sheet with notes scribbled on it: “Get Studs Terkel quote from J.D.” “Read some Joseph Campbell and John Ashbery,” “What’s the ringa poetry form?” “Write about Mike’s daughter hiccupping during the reading,” “Kimberly wrote ‘whitewash will chalk your shirt’” Note: Over the weekend I bought some John Ashbery.

· Backstreet Quarterly, #5, Ray Foreman, Editor. Tell my friend Victoria about it.

· Grammar Done Right, by Karen L. Reddick, (2008). Never leaves my desk.

· Colorado Symphony Orchestra program from 11-22-08. I’ve started an article about my minute music listening vocabulary, prompted by the way my attention flickered while I listened to the orchestra perform Sergei Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major, Opus 100. Perhaps there’ll be another article prompted by a post-performance comment made by one of the violinists: “Some of us have decided that if we were going to be stranded on an island and could only take one CD, we’d take Prokofiev.” And maybe another article about how stupid I should feel for never having heard of Prokofiev prior to that night.

· My journal. (Duh, of course.)

· Never Summer: Poems From Thin Air, by Chris Ransick. (2005) Find out what the Denver Poet Laureate writes about.

· A Dream Decoder: Eight pages with dials to line up 800 keywords and their associations. Why? Because it’s pretty.

· Notes from Dan Poynter’s October presentation at Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

· Field Guide to Gestures: How to Identify and Interpret Virtually Every Gesture Known to Man, (2003), by Nancy Armstrong and Melissa Wagner. I’m wondering if it’s shelved under humor. Read it to find out.

· Ticket stub from Secret Life of Bees movie. There’s a note to myself on it: “Owe Krista.”

· Note on paper: “The guy in the real estate office across the hall from me is singing a song about qualifying buyers before selling them a home.” OMG! Same paper: “A squirrel just bumped into my window. Write about the Italian guy and the squirrel in La Crosse, WI. Write about the squirrel on Sherman Terrace in Madison, WI.”

· Photo: I’m standing at a blackboard in a college chemistry classroom pretending I’ve written all the equations that cover it.

· The One Minute Manager, (1983), Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D. Find out why this book was a “runaway #1 National Bestseller!” Find out why people still copy its hokey story-telling style. More important, why they read it.

· Bipolar Disorder: Insights for Recovery and Beyond Bipolar: 7 Steps to Wellness, both written by Jane Mountain, MD. Read again then post a review about them.

· Across the High Divide: Poetry, (2006), Laurie Wagner Buyer. Find the lines I misread while I recorded for RFB&D. I said “incontinent” when the word was “continent,” and it appeared during a love scene. Eww.

· My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile, (2003), Isabel Allende. She talks about testosterone in Chile’s air. Write about that.

· How To Really Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting, (1973), Shirl Solomon. This is the book that will not die. I’m probably its 8th owner. Comment on what she says makes up wit.

· And more.

Note to self: Ignore what the organizers say about my mind. Write about professional organizers.


1 Response to “What’s On This Editor’s Desk?”

  1. 1 Jane Mountain, MD 12/01/2008 at 3:27 pm


    Thanks for the mention of my books and for asking for reviews. My books are written for anyone who wants to learn more about bipolar disorder, but especially for those who have it personally or in their families.

    Be well!


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