An Editor’s Shameless “Else” Promotion

Dear Reader,

Sometimes we editors are sent a “client from heaven.” John Davis was one such client. He was intelligent, thoughtful, curious, probing, trusting, and, most important, willing to rework his manuscript so he could produce the ultimate book that would pay tribute to his deceased partner Jack Orler and offer hope to people who, like him, are mourning a loved one. John succeeded in writing the best book he could, Finding My Banana Bread Man: A Journey Through Mourning. (See my post entitled Finding My Banana Bread Man.)

John also was, and still is, a grateful and gracious client, so much so that I want to share with you his lovely 12-4-08 gracious email message about our working relationship. His words confirm that I, too, was blessed with the presense of Jack Orler, even if only through words.

Hello all my friends and family,

Seems like I can go months with out writing to each of you – and then – BAM – there is more news to share with you all.

Last time I wrote I had told you about the review of my book that appeared in the local ECHO magazine here in Phoenix. Well, that book reviewer posted the review on (for books). Then the individual who had proofread my book (Karen Reddick) posted a review on Amazon as well. Then my editor (Faye Q. Heimerl) posted ALL that information on her blog along with an introduction to these two reviews. Faye is such a professional – and a visit to her blog site will show you not only the expertise she used to helped craft “Finding My Banana Bread Man,” but also many other fine books she has helped mold and to find just the right way to convey the writers meaning to the reading public.

Near the very end of my book in the Acknowledgement Section, which closes the book, I spoke of a number of individuals who had made the writing of my legacy to Jack possible. Faye was certainly one of those people. The combination of her brilliant editing abilities and the emotions that flowed from me following Jack’s death was a winning combination. She is much more than “My Editor” – she is “My Dear Friend.” In the Acknowledge Section of the book, I wrote the following about Faye – and the words still ring true today:

“The content editing of this book was completed by Faye Quam Heimerl, who, in the course of this venture, became my very good friend. Upon reading the original manuscript, she asked me numerous probing questions, which allowed me to expand immensely on the depth and meaning of the message provided. She was able to twist and shape the contents of what you have just read and provide seamless movement from words to poetry throughout the story. I treasure my connection to this gifted professional.”

I truly believe that she is one of the major reasons why no one who starts to read my book can put it down. The book is kind of like Jack – “you just could not get enough of him once you knew him.” How fitting that this would be the nature of the book written in his honor.

Thank you, Faye, for making the book so real – so compelling – to its readers.

If you ever need and editor – she is superb!

Love you all – lots lots,


Thank you, John!


1 Response to “An Editor’s Shameless “Else” Promotion”

  1. 1 Karen Reddick 12/05/2008 at 11:53 pm

    Faye, I am loving your blog posts. This one, and the earlier post about John’s book are heartfelt and sincere. I agree with John, you are a true professional. I’m proud to be your colleague and friend.

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