15 Seconds of Selflessness

Dear Reader,

As you may recall, shortly before the election (See my 11-04-08 post “Ahh, a 15-Second Break”) I blogged my appreciation to Denver 7News for treating its beleaguered viewers to peaceful political ad breaks―video clips of nature’s quiet beauty. At the time I didn’t know anyone who’d seen the breaks, so I couldn’t gauge how anyone felt about them. But, a month later I received a gracious note from Denver 7News’ Marv Gill, the man responsible for the ads:

Hi Faye,

I just found your wonderful remarks about the “Political Ad Break” spots I created.

It was my intention to find a peaceful interlude within the frantic campaigning we were all exposed to. Our wonderful staff at KMGH helped place the ads within the most intense breaks. I must say that in 30 years working at Channel 7 these ads have created the most positive feedback from viewers.

I Thank You for your comments.

Marv Gill (Senior Production Specialist)
I’m glad Mr. Gill’s idea took hold to affect so many people. Fifteen seconds of selflessness may have bred thousands of seconds of relaxation.

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