Is Marketplace Bakery in Louisville, CO or Mayberry RFD?

Dear Reader,

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Marketplace Bakery could just as easily be nestled next to Floyd’s Barber’s Shop in Mayberry RFD, as to the Empire Lounge & Restaurant in Historic Louisville, CO. The how-you-been? atmosphere, smothered in the scent of freshly baked bread, turnovers, the day’s sandwich special, and Silver Canyon coffee, is accented with laughter, political discussions, and weekly catch-up sessions between friends, just like you’d expect it to be in Mayberry’s Bluebird Diner.

I’ve spent many hours here, sitting at a window table, focusing on writing-type things, and I’ve always been welcomed by the staff and creatively nurtured by Susan Bright’s photographs on the walls, display cases of baked goods, and Marketplace Bakery’s assorted customers, many as interesting as Opie and Andy, Aunt Bee and Otis, or Gomer and Goober.

I haven’t yet heard Gomer’s “Gaaw-aawl-ly,” or “Shazam!” but I have heard tow-headed twin little girls’ giggles when doughnut sprinkles get stuck to their lips, and babies’ coos behind their mother’s morning conversation, and Marketplace Bakery owners Susan and Kathy’s chants of “Eat more toast! Eat more toast!” Well, maybe chanting isn’t correct; it’s more like hollering. But then… maybe they’re not making any noise at all. Maybe I’m imagining Barney Fife squawking over finally getting to use that bullet he’s forever carried in his pocket.

So, since there’s a chance I haven’t made myself clear about how I feel about Marketplace Bakery, I’d better just say it: I love it!


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