Create a Vacation with Heart: Use The Workbook MAPPING YOUR VOLUNTEER VACATION

Dear Reader,

I’m proud to announce that my client Jane Stanfield’s new travel workbook, Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation, is now in real and virtual bookstores. I suggest you use it to plan your volunteer vacation, because with it you’re guaranteed to experience fewer planning headaches than you would otherwise. And Jane knows headaches. She’s had plenty.

In 2005, she decided to undertake a yearlong international volunteer vacation, and she took a year to plan for it. She knew this would require she gather lots of information, but she didn’t know she’d have to dig through hundreds of books, place zillions of phone calls, and perform endless Internet loop-de-loops. (Exaggerations inserted by me.) She’ll tell you her efforts were worth the trouble, especially since she wound up tending orphaned kangaroos in Australia, feeding baby baboons in South Africa, and participating in an archeological dig in Thailand, but she’ll admit it was often difficult to see her future adventure from the drudgery. She wished she could have had one good source to help her plan, so when she returned to the US she started to write this book.

And it’s a thorough yet concise, easy-to-follow guide/map for new and experienced travelers who dream of creating “a vacation with heart.”

Note: This book oozes “buy appeal.” Its cover compels you not only to pick it up, but also to read it. And to do this, you don’t even have to be the least bit interested in volunteering or vacationing. Its design is that good!

Note Note: Jane is available to speak about her volunteer experiences.


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