THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE is a Well-Written Memoir by Staceyann Chin

Dear Reader,

The first sentence of the prologue in The Other Side of Paradise, “The front of the car was not designed for having sex,” will snag you, and you won’t be able to shake free of it until you read the book’s last word, “paradise.” You’ll experience amusement, fear, suspense, horror, revulsion, relief, and satisfaction.

Starting with Staceyann Chin’s birth in Lottery, Jamaica, and continuing through her early college years, this memoir reads as smoothly as a novel, its dialogue and characters moving the story forward. Its chapter headings, based on Bible verses or Bible stories, cleverly echo Christianity’s grip on every aspect of Chin’s upbringing.

Written in a Jamaican dialect, the dialogue flip-flops sentence structure and mixes in strange words. This can be difficult to follow at first. But with a little patience, you will find this dialect endearing, and possibly what you’ll carry with you after you close the book.

Women will enjoy this book.  So will men who love memoirs.


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