ARE YOU HUNGRY, DEAR?: Marie Barone’s–oops, I meant to say DORIS ROBERTS’–Memoir

Dear Reader,

I read Are You Hungry, Dear? because I wanted to learn about the woman behind meddling Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond, Doris Roberts. I learned:

  • Like Marie, Roberts “tells it like she sees it”
  • Doris’ father was a carousing schmuck
  • Her grandfather wasn’t much better
  • She grew up in the Bronx
  • Doris and Marie shared the same deep, sometimes overpowering, love for their son(s)
  • She loves cooking. LOVES cooking
  • She is quick witted
  • Her natural-seeming acting is a result of extensive preparation
  • She can be racy; I’d get a kick out of spending time with her as I imagine we’d share plenty of “naughty” laughs
  • Doris Roberts is someone I’d like to know.

Roberts and her co-author Danelle Morton split the memoir into 10 parts, each effectively focused on a facet of her life: Life with Raymond, Motherhood, Reminiscences, Advice, Travels, Losses, Turning Points, Warnings, The Love of My Life, and Aging. Within each part are 3 to 6 chapters, all which conclude with a recipe.

You don’t have to be a fan of Everyone Loves Raymond, or like to cook, to enjoy this book; you only have to be open to out-there observations of a woman in her early 70s who’s lived, laughed, cried, and learned a lot.


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