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HUSH, HUSH, a Paranormal Young Adult Novel

Dear Reader,

The first two-thirds of Hush, Hush drags while author Becca Fitzpatrick builds narrator Nora Grey’s connection with Patch, a darkly bad and seductive high school senior, and strangers bent on harming her. Patch’s allure runs stereotypical but works okay as part of a young adult novel.

In the final third of the book, the author picks up the pace―and suspense—when she introduces a jilted woman who vows to avenge herself by killing Nora. Patch’s identity and past will determine how he will approach his future. With or without Nora? Read the book to find out what he chooses to do.

Note: Fitzpatrick writes great dialogue, although I often found the snarkiness (common in teen writing and teen shows) between Nora and her best friend annoying.