SAVING BEN: A Father’s Story of Autism–A Book Review

Dear Reader,

SAVING BEN is a well written and candid memoir of a man whose teeter-totter life tips between caring for and searching for recovery for his young son who has autism and managing his sanity while his ex-wife temporarily loses hers, all while the author is coming to terms with his sexual orientation. Author Dan E. Burns, manages to fit all this chaos into 155 pages that often read more like a suspense novel than memoir. “What could possibly happen next?” (I used the book as a bribe to get me through some unpleasant home tasks. Once I completed a task, I could read another chapter.)

Parents with or without children who have autism will relate to Burns’ frustrations with doctors, the educational system, and well-meaning and not so well-meaning relatives. They will be reminded that children’s small successes are often the result of parents’ grand refusals to give up.

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