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Double-Featured Poets on Third Thursday, Forza Coffee Company

Dear Reader,

Go to Forza Coffee Company on November 20th and double your poetic pleasure by listening to featured poets J. Diego Frey and Michael J. Henry read from their newly released volumes of poetry. I’ve read poems by both poets, and I gotta say, “They’re marvelous.”

J. Diego Frey will read from Umbrellas or Else, his first volume of poetry.  He says he enjoys writing poetry that is enjoyable to read. He takes less pleasure in the writing of complex and impenetrable poems; hence much of his work is simple-minded and lightweight. Such is the nature of art. He is a product of suburban Colorado in the seventies, so take that into account as well and you should have a pretty good picture of what you can expect with this particular poet. Also, he likes talking about underpants, cheeseburgers, and the vagaries of mysterious chance. JD lives very near to Denver, CO, the site of his kidhood.
Michael J. Henry’s will read from his collection of poetry, No Stranger Than My Own, published by Ghost Road Press in October of 2008. Michael received an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College, and an undergraduate degree in English from University of Rochester. He is co-founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He teaches at Lighthouse and University of Denver. His poetry and nonfiction have appeared in places such as 5280 Magazine, Georgetown Review, Threepenny Review, Potato Eyes, Pleiades, and Rio Grande Review.