Where I Started My writing and then editing career began under an elm tree in my childhood yard in DeForest, WI. I initially planned to become “an artist,” but I soon tired of sketching unrecognizable figures, so I traded my drawing paper for lined paper and began to write. Learning to play clarinet, designing puppets, writing mystery plays, studying dance, followed this.

Where I Went After earning my Bachelor of Science in dance from University of Wisconsin, Madison, I leaped into being a teacher and choreographer. As the director of my own dance program, I planned my studio; taught creative movement, ballet, tap, and jazz; choreographed; designed flashy but “tasteful” costumes; and performed. As company manager for Dance Circus, I rounded up publicity and wrote winning grant proposals. As a mother of two imaginative, independent daughters and wife to a jazz-loving, bicycle-riding husband, I’m known to coo over my two comical cats.

Where I Also Went As editor apprentice under Barbara McNichol of Barbara McNichol Editorial, I learned the “business” of editing and honed my nonfiction editing skills. I then became her mentee and later her book title brainstorming partner, fiction consultant, and fast friend.

Where I Am As a published author and poet, I unlock my deepest thoughts just as I have since receiving a locking diary in seventh grade. As an owner of Quam Editorial and editor of fiction and nonfiction, I tap into my talents and experiences to add artistry to my clients’ written masterpieces.

Where I Will Be I’ll let you know.

faye quam heimerl

faye quam heimerl


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